Monday, June 15, 2015

From Busk Till Pawn, Act III, sc. iv

That's right! She doesn't even LIKE Rush! What's up with that!? Does she even enjoy MULLETS!? What do we even KNOW about her, in light of this truth? And poor, poor Beardo. He thought FOR SURE he could sell at least ONE ticket to his dear friend, who seems to do nothing but enable his addictions, but no, she's shunning him, for no visible reason.

Destined for the streets, I guess. Poor Beardo. That's a pretty swag jacket, though. Can't imagine the Bum and Barber will let him keep it, though.

For the record, I designed a fairly awesome Crest for the Bum and Barber, but it never seems to get a focal shot in any Caper yet, so, without further ado, you're welcome to gaze upon this:
Next week: The two-part finale begins. What do they do now that time is up and they don't have the money to save the Barber Pole? 

Spring Chickens

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1 comment:

Matt Cole said...

No way! She doesn't even like Rush?! Jaye is going to be devastated! Excellent stuff Ryan ��