Monday, July 13, 2015

Not in Kansas Anymore, Act I, sc. iii

Step 1 after you drive over the band - - GET OFF THEM! Unfortunately for the Roadie, she backs directly into the Stunt Monks van, and unwittingly released all the monkeys out into the streets! Yikes.

And of course, there are a few more Wizard of Oz gags in here, if you can spot them?

First, the "Tornado" drops a van with a House on it, onto a lady in black & white striped socks, just like in the movie! Also, she's not wearing ruby slippers, but something close enough. At least these LOOK like slippers. I wouldn't call what you saw in the Wizard of Oz "slippers" - - I'm fairly certain I would have called them "shoes."

Also, Mr. Minestrone's first instinct was to run to the crushed band members to help ... himself to some cigarettes. What a dirt bag!

Spring Chickens

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