Monday, July 20, 2015

Not in Kansas Anymore, Act I, sc. iv

For the record, the streets were stained yellow before the monkeys escaped their cages, so that's no excuse .. I'm lookin at YOU Beardo, ya freakin BUM.

More Wizard of Oz gags, did you notice them?

First, the obvious reference to following the yellow-brick road. And what lays at the end of the yellow-brick road? ... anyone? EMERALD CITY. Right. Which also has a humorous allegory here on King St. The Emerald Pity Pawn Shop (which we visited in the last episode From Busk Till Pawn).

Do you like having the monkeys running around? Is that hilarious? I hope so, because it's sure an added inconvenience when I'm drawing these damned things.


Spring Chickens

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