Monday, July 10, 2017

Tweet, Fav, Love, Act I, sc. ii

Surprise, these dinosaurs can talk! Time to bust the mould, and let dinosaurs speak for themselves. I don't think Dr. Quixote and the dinosaurs are going to get along - - who the hell is some doctor to come along and tell dinosaurs who dinosaurs are?!

Whatcha think of my carnotaurus? The ornithischian is based off of a dinosaur I'd never really heard of, named talenkauen. Not sure how I came up with that, to be honest. He's heavily designed off of a hypsilophodon.

Now, how is meeting dinosaurs going to get our friends from King St. back to modern times, and why is the King St. sign here, in the past? Or is this the future? Will any of this make sense at any point?

Spring Chickens

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