Monday, July 17, 2017

Tweet, Fav, Love, Act I, sc. iii

Anyone else find it troubling that there are (arguably) two classifications of dinosaurs, bird hipped and lizard hipped, but the bird-hipped dinosaurs are the ones that AREN'T being considered as the ones who evolved into birds?

It's the "raptor" type dinosaurs, mostly theropods, that are considered direct forefathers of modern birds. Or, more likely, they're considered to be the family tree that shares a common ancestor with birds - - and somewhere along that divergence, the "lizard hips" evolved into bird hips. Whereas, the dinosaurs that already had bird hips went extinct.

I'm not saying there's a flaw in the theory, I'm just saying what are the odds? Right? That's like saying the future of mammals is in having hair, then all the hairy stuff died, but the survivors grew hair. Just ... weird (to me).

Also, the carnotaurus isn't hip. He just says jive turkey because we're talking about lousy birds.

Spring Chickens

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