Tuesday, October 27, 2009

West Maui Day: 02

I know this seems to be all at once - and there are a bunch of pictures for tomorrow's post - but here are some of the good things from this morning. First off, even though we slept for what seemed like an eternity, it was only 6 a.m. when we finally decided we couldn't sleep anymore. One of the advantages of being this far east. We may be closer to Japan than we are to Ontario right now - but I'm not geographer.

The hotel here is very nice - and we've only seen a small bit of it. Our breakfast buffet was fantastic, full of more than enough choices, and they were all very tasty. Tomorrow we'll have the Ocean-side buffet so we can see the water while we sip on coffee and eat Eggs Benedict.

Not unlike other hotels, there are plenty of nice birds and fish all around that fill the ponds and pools with life. The parrots and cockatoos will say "Hello" without much prompting, but also say "Aloha," which is cute. After breakfast we took a stroll along the beach for a while, and the water was fantastic. We didn't get in, I was carrying a camera and wasn't in my beach shorts, but we sure wanted to. On the right is a nice shot of our footprints in the sand.

This may not be a peak vacationing time, which means that there are lawn chairs still available by the pool even though it's the middle of the day. How nice is to not be caught up in the crowds while you're on vacation. No lineups (so far) and nobody bumping into you. It's just the way I like it.

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