Friday, October 30, 2009

Great discoveries

It's important to know where you are when you're hiking through the badlands of Hawaii - you'd be surprised that much of West Maui is like a desert - it's very dry and there isn't a lot of grass or anything. But, then again, at some of the resorts and golf courses the yard-keepers have done a super job hydrating everything and keeping the grounds looking healthy.

We travelled the island a little bit today, and we made some great discoveries. In these first two photos you can see my wife traversing through uncharted undergrowth - to discover a boisterous civilization. She was a real trooper - she wanted these shots to work out - so I had her get in position and stand the right way and hold the bushes to the side, and smile, etc, etc. She actually got bit by a bad-ass bug and we actually went into Walgreen's to get something to keep the swelling down. A good time to discover a Walgreens.

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