Thursday, October 29, 2009

West Maui Day: 04

Another good day yesterday - today's been great, too, but I have to post yesterday's shots before I can get to the Maui Ocean Center. We spent a good while sunning ourselves by the pool while reading a book, walking on the beach, and having a relaxing time. To the right here you can see a nice waterfall at mid-day around the resort.

We walked along the beach that day, but didn't quite get in the ocean. My wife was wearing her contacts and just didn't make it in, but the water seemed nice, and we wanted to go in. There were some kids who were riding skim boards. These are like big guitar picks that they ride the surf that washes on the immediate shoreline while it breaks. They were doing little flips and stuff. It looked like fun.

We spent a good long while reading in the sun. Did I get a sunburn, you ask? I sure did. My belly and upper legs (just above my knees) didn't get sunscreen - and now they are tender and red from the sun. That's okay - it shouldn't be too uncomfortable for too long. Getting deeper into this book, Famous Last Words, all I can say is, "What a special book it really is. I strongly recommend reading it." Seriously, the characters and narration are carefully devised and wonderfully put together. Plus the story is captivating and really special - but enough of that, and back to the honeymoon.

While reading there are neat opportunities to share food with little island birds that flutter all over, and neat geckos to check out. Apparently there's a big white bird (I haven't seen it yet) that walks over the top of bushes looking for geckos to eat. The geckos are tiny and move real quick. If you weren't looking for them, you might not even notice that they were ever even there.

One of my wife's items to accomplish this week was to find a hammock and sit in it. We've only seen one hammock, and with luck, there was no one in it. There was also a fence around it and no discernible way to get into it. But a yellow rope fence is no match for me! Not these days, anyhow. All that said - I have a snapshot of what my wife's life was like for about 25 seconds on our honeymoon.

After that, it was more swimming for me in the pool - but wifey wasn't feeling so hot. That's fine. I like swimming whether I'm alone or on a tandem, so it worked out well for me.

We walked over to the Whaler's Village - which is basically a market on the old site of a whaler's pit-stop from years gone by where they'd refuel and stock up on amenities before heading back into the mating grounds to harpoon themselves some whales.

There were great dinner restaurants and markets and plenty of live music all over. The live music was great in many cases. We also got to see Jupiter and its four moons through a high-powered telescope, which was very cool. The telescope was so strong you could actually see the gaseous rings of Jupiter's surface and the big red storm (spot) that is in the southern hemisphere of the planet. Very cool.

We also got a great look at the moon through the telescope, too. Craters and the 'terminator' line (where the sun doesn't shine on the moon) and you could 'technically' see boulders inside the craters, which was very neat. I put it in quotes because I didn't see the boulders, but I trust that they were there.

What else? I watched a little Leno before bed and that's all she wrote. I'll have another post of today's adventures ready by the time you wake up tomorrow - again, while it's midnight right now where you are, it's merely quarter after six here, which is awesome!

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