Thursday, November 5, 2009

Check it out

More like, we're checking out.

This is it! Our last day on honeymoon. The Lost Tour from KOS was a good time. We've got to wrap things up here in our hotel room and get out, or else I'd post some more pictures and tell you more about the trip. I've got some plans for all the pictures and things that we took - hopefully it turns out well - and we'll be able to give you a better idea of how surreal the last few weeks have been. We left Peterborough exactly two weeks ago today to start prepping for our wedding - and life hasn't fallen back into a routine since. I can almost see how rockstars can get a bit crazy while they're on the road for long stretches.

Our flight isn't until quarter after eight o'clock tonight, which is like two in the morning in the EST zone - then we get into Dallas/Fort Worth again (around 7:45 in the morning Dallas time). Then we leave Dallas around 10:45 a.m. and fly back to Toronto (getting in around 2 p.m. EST). So - 2 a.m. Friday morning to get home

That's a long trip of flying around, esp. doing most of it overnight. I hope that we're able to sleep on the plane, or else things might get really uncomfortable for us later on.

Besides that - after we check out, because our flight isn't until much later on this evening, we're going to visit the zoo for a while. I doubt we'll get to see everything, but it should help eat up someof the day while we wait for our flight.

We'll be back soon. Take care.

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