Monday, November 2, 2009

West Maui Day: 07

Sorry we missed an update yesterday, but frankly, we didn't take any pictures of anything. We didn't do a whole lot more than lay low, read by the pool and eat dinner. It was great - we even watched a Stephen King movie called "Sometimes they Come Back," which wasn't great, but it was a nice restful way to wrap up an evening.

Anyhow - all of that aside, or adventures in Maui will conclude tomorrow as we check out of the Westin and return our rental car, heading over to Honolulu on Oahu (where we've got the Lost Tour and a Dinner Cruise to look forward to.)

As for today - wait till you see what we got up to! First off, you can see that we were just standing around a beach out by the hotel when ....

we wound up on a li'l boat that ferried us out to another boat called the UFO Parasailer - which, as it names suggests, actually dragged you behind it while you're harnessed into a parachute, and then they drive you along and yank you 600 feet up into the air!

It was totally calm and peaceful at the other end of the line. We didn't have our camera up the parachute with us, but the view was cool. And it wasn't noisy, it wasn't jerky, it was just this quiet and relaxing trip around the bay between Molokai and Lana off the west coast of Maui. Very cool.

We may not have pictures up of what we get up to tomorrow - but we'll be on a new island, in a new hotel, and exploring a new resort, so we may have some cool updates.

I hope you're liking the updates!

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