Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Oahu Day: 02

Well, we're staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village - and we think it's in Honolulu, but it also appears to be in Waikiki - we're still not entirely clear on where we are. But that all being said, we're in a much more urban area than we were before while we were in Ka'anapali.

From yesterday during our travels to Oahu from Maui:

- Before we left Maui, there was a neat shot of Molokai (I think that's how you spell it) where a rainbow is basically only at water level, so it's not quite a rainbow, but rather a rainbubble, or something like that.

- Here is a hula gorilla

- After checking in (which was a bit rude, to be honest) we toured around a little and found a pond with both turtles and penguins in it, which my wife loves.

Here are a couple of neat shots from our tour today.
- Some crabs while we were crossing a little bridge.

- A neat view while we're crossing another bridge.

- On the other side of the bridge there was road work, but ... there was also this really excellent view of a neat hotel that was basically standing alone, with the backdrop of some fantastic green hills.

- Here is a neat row of hotels as seen from behind a golf course, which is neat.

- Another shot of stuff through a fence by the golf course. I think this is in the direction of something called "Diamond Head National Park."

- Here's the view from our hotel room, showing the Waikiki skyline, which is very neat. The hotels and shops around here are all very classy. It's kind of like walking the strip in Vegas, or what imagine Rodeo Drive would be like in Hollywood. Pretty neat.

- Finally, I had never seen a pineapple that's still growing. I didn't know that grew out of the ground, and have no idea how they work. Here is what they look like when they're growing, and it looks weird. Never seen anything like this.

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