Monday, February 9, 2015

Give Blood, Play Hockey Act III, sc. ii

Act I Act II Act III
Spring Chickens

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Matt Cole said...

Never trust a barber with no hair! Great comic Ryan!

Rogers said...

You're absolutely correct. In fact, here is some of Mr. Minestrone's Salty Advice on the subject:

Rogers said...

Jeez, or this one:

Christopher J said...

I think this is the first time that my lack of Hockey knowledge has effected my ability to read comics, which is usually above average!

Rogers said...

well, when someone scores three goals, it's a hat trick and fans celebrate by throwing their hats on the ice. in this case, it reveals a shameful haircut. and thanks to some loose interpretation of serendipity, the bad barber happens to be RIGHT THERE!

having Immigration and Naturalization Services deny refugee status of hockey players and deport them in the middle of a hockey game is fairly uncommon, though.