Monday, February 16, 2015

Give Blood, Play Hockey, Act III sc. iii

Those Immigration and Naturalization agents in the audience are sure causing a lot of trouble for the Guggenheim Mighty Ducks! Let's hope they don't lose too many more players!

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Spring Chickens

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Matt Cole said...

I love all the adverts in the background - really fun details. My particular favourite being the butchered by a barber one. Great stuff Ryan

Rogers said...

My favourite is "Peggy's Eye Lash Extensions" - - b/c why wouldn't you advertise eye-lash extensions at a hockey game?

I hate how all the eye-lash / mascara commercials begin with expressions like: "This is going to change ... EVERYTHING." then it goes on about how your eye lashes will appear to be a little bit thicker.

BOOM - the world as we know it has forever changed!

so stupid.

Jaye at Tux & Tales Photography said...

Looks like she-mullet's t-shirt says she likes getting hit in the face with a hockey puck in that

Rogers said...

Oh yeah, she's in danger! Check the latest update to see what happens!