Monday, March 16, 2015

From Busk Till Pawn, Act I, sc. i

Q: What happens when two addicts are in desperate need of money?
A: Let's find out! Welcome to "From Busk Till Pawn" I hope you like it!

Spring Chickens

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Matt Cole said...

Love the perspective in the top panel - looking forward to seeing what money making schemes are in store :)

Rogers said...

Thanks, Matt. Perspective is certainly more readily available as a scenic environment than in the characters. Thanks for sharing!

peter Rasmussen said...

Ooh intriguing. Looking forward to the next act.
Is that a turd on the road by the way? :-D

Rogers said...

Ha ha, it DOES look like a steaming turd, but I'm pretty sure it's just a poorly articulated discarded, smoking butt in the street. Mr. Minestrone is notorious for flicking them willy nilly and making a disgusting mess.