Monday, March 30, 2015

From Busk Till Pawn, Act I, sc. iii

Oh bowl cuts, how people decided this was the proper way to get hair the right length, I'll never know. Seriously, who thought, better do it this way, instead of trying? Like, my kid, we cut his hair, and he screams, twists, cries, squirms, and basically puts his life in jeopardy by doing everything but sit still, and yeah, the haircut isn't great, but Jeez-Louise it's WAY better than a bowl cut! C'Mon, people!

I also enjoy the concept that Mr. Minestrone appears to know full well that his haircuts are bad, but goes out of his way to provide the worst haircut he knows -- and then has the guts to ask for $200! Good for him!

Spring Chickens

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Anonymous said...

I'm loving the Salty Advice in here! Keep 'em coming! This will be a damn good set of Capers -- this could be your Sgt Pepper!

Rogers said...

Salty Advice is the cornerstone of everything decision on King St.